Baptisms & Confirmations


From the Registers:

May 19

Jason Egan

Baptism is the sign of initiation by which we are admitted to the fellowship of the church (John Calvin)

For enquiries about Baptism (which is another name for a Christening), contact:
Rev. Simon Archer,  The Vicarage, Rangemore Street, Burton upon Trent, DE14 2ED
Telephone: 01283 902157


From the Registers:

March 19

Amee Louise Littler
Jordon Scott Horlock
Freddie George Upton
Lily Grace Poulter
Isaac Edward Phillip Pickering
Zac Robert Bamford-Kelcey

First Communion

March 19    Edward William Upton

Confirmation makes us more fully a child of God; ‘it unites us more firmly to Christ’; ‘it increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit in us