Junior Church

Junior Church

Junior Church is for 3-12 year olds.

Junior Church meets on Sundays from 10.00 to 11.00 at the Red Lion House Community Centre in Rolleston Road. If we are in church at 10 am bring them directly to church and please ensure that someone from Junior Church is in attendance.  

We gratefully accept a small collection from the children every week, the proceeds going to named charities and to help fund our activities.

Junior Church is for learning about Jesus whilst having fun.  There are activities such as crafts, games, display work and drama.  In our worship we listen to God’s message and talk, sing and pray about it.  Junior Church often joins the main church congregation.

Special events include: making an Easter Garden; having a Gift Day followed by picnic and bouncy castle; putting on a nativity play and having a Christmas party.

New members are always welcome!



  3 RLH, please collect from church

10 Junior Church Gift Day. 10am in church  Bring your family and a picnic to the vicarage garden after church. Games and Bouncy Castle

17 (Cancelled)                                    

July 24th – August 28th Junior Church has a break to allow for holidays. You are all welcome to attend the Mass in church at 10am each Sunday.


  4 RLH

11 RLH, please collect from church

18 RLH

25 In Church for Harvest Thanksgiving at 10am

Junior Church Gallery

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