The Graveyard

Since the foundation of St. John the Divine in 1866, burials have been carried out in our extensive churchyard until very recently. Full burial records are held at the Staffordshire Records Office. Online catalogues to show what is available are to be found at Gateway to the Past but materials must be viewed at the Records Office.

We do have some materials that have been transcribed by hand by members of the church.  Note that some original records are very indistinct and cannot be read with accuracy.

Prior to 1954 there are records of who is buried in the churchyard but there were no records kept that provide locations of graves.

From 1954 to 1987 records of burials contain some location information but the areas marked do not correspond to modern location codes.

Click here to see a list of burials in the churchyard.

Graveyard Headstone Database

We can only identify where people are buried if there is a headstone.  If there is no headstone it is not possible to locate any burial place.

For the burials that have a legible headstone, we have lists of names, dates and locations of the burials that enables you to find any grave that we have listed.   

The procedure is:

  1. Look at the Graveyard Headstone List to find details for the person you are searching for.
  2. Use it to find the grave-number and location of the grave you wish to find.
  3. Click on Graveyard Plans. Use this to find a more detailed map of the area where the grave is.
    Look for the grave number on the detailed map to find the location of the grave you are interested in. These maps are printable.
  4. There is a printable version of the graveyard plan, which you can take with you alongside the detailed map when you go to visit the grave.