Parish Priest and Rural Dean of Tutbury:  Prebendary Michael Freeman

Horninglow Vicarage, 14 Rolleston Road, Burton upon TrVicar Pictureent, DE13 0JZ
Tel: 01283 568613

Contact Michael Freeman about funerals, baptisms, general parish matters and maintenance.


Curate: Rev’d Duncan Gorwood

62 Redhill Lane
Tutbury, DE13 9JW
Tel. 01283 810510


Parish Administrator: Mrs S. Oakes

Tel. 01283 512539                    

Contact Mrs Oakes about arranging a wedding, christening/baptism, diary and church bulletin items.


Church Wardens:

Mr Neville Fowler.  Tel. 01283 567803
Mrs Debbie Wood.  Tel. 01283 845700


Safeguarding Coordinator:

Mrs Margaret Collier. Tel.  01283 564074

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