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From the Chantry List


2        Evelyn Fulshaw, Ann Littler

3        Joe Hardy, Joan Hughes, Gordon Hackman

4        Lawrence Mason, Edith Stott, Violet White, Linda Rogers

6        Annie Dickson, James Hawkley, Alice Wood, Eunice Slater, Cecil Bartram, Charles Townsend, Thomas Whitehall

7        Wilson Gale, Frances King, Doris Taylor

8        Sarah Mayne

9        Marjorie Bradbury

10        Evelyn Brentnall, Walter Hawkesworth

11        Nelly Sharp, Margaret Burton, Derek Gibbs

12        Michael Warrington, Eileen Kilner

14        Winifred Sanders, Beatrice Green, Norma Jones

15        Ren Mortimer

16        Jaroslav Havlik, Maud Blackburn, Richard Hallam

17        Anne Tunnicliff

18        William Stone, Arnold Lee, Millicent Ganz

19        Lionel Osborne, Henrietta Painter, William Lucas

20        Arthur Birch, Ann Frost, Harry Turner, Florence Bradbury, Elsie Jones

21        Jack Newman

22        Elizabeth Brown, Margaret Hyde

23        Leslie Harris

27        Richard Hufton, Derek Fitchett

28        Michael Dunn, Mary Hall, Jean Wood

29        Henry Rudge, Dennis Newbold

30        Kate Newman, Queenie Morris, Geoff Plummer

31        Maud Wagstaffe, Marion Hawley, James Skipper

“Pray for me, as I shall pray for thee, that merrily we may meet in heaven”

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