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Calendar for August
Date  Special Intentions for our prayers
1 M Victims of terrorism
2 Tu Our church in the community
3 W Bell ringers
4 Th S John Mary Vianney, Pr People on holiday
5 F Theologians
6 Sa Transfiguration of the Lord The ministry of baptism
7 S Trinity 8 Parish and people
8 M S. Dominic, Pr Young carers
9 Tu S Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Europe
10 W S Laurence, Deacon and Martyr Deacons
11 Th S. Clare, V Christian retreat centres
12 F Equality
13 Sa Reconciliation
14 S Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish and people
15 M Sign of hope
16 Tu Victims of violence & aggression
17 W Job seekers
18 Th Firefighters
19 F The Good Shepherd
20 Sa S. Bernard, Ab, Dr All who help in sacristy
21 S Trinity 10 Parish and people
22 M Families of prisoners
23 Tu Guild of Vergers
24 W S Bartholomew, Apostle Peace between faiths
25 Th The church’s Destiny
26 Fr The starving
27 Sa S. Monica Our friends and relations
28 S Trinity 11 Parish and people
29 M The Passion of S. John Baptist Those imprisoned for their faith
30 Tu Where there is warfare, peace
31 W Mission and outreach

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