Baptisms & Confirmations


From the Registers:

May 19

June 30

Jason Egan

Sonny Paul Litherland-Urch
Wren Louise Litherland-Urch

Baptism is the sign of initiation by which we are admitted to the fellowship of the church (John Calvin)

For enquiries about Baptism (which is another name for a Christening), contact:
Rev. Simon Archer,  The Vicarage, Rangemore Street, Burton upon Trent, DE14 2ED
Telephone: 01283 902157


From the Registers:

March 19

Amee Louise Littler
Jordon Scott Horlock
Freddie George Upton
Lily Grace Poulter
Isaac Edward Phillip Pickering
Zac Robert Bamford-Kelcey

First Communion

March 19    Edward William Upton

Confirmation makes us more fully a child of God; ‘it unites us more firmly to Christ’; ‘it increases the gifts of the Holy Spirit in us